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Product Design

Not a Journal: Mobile App Design & Research

Research, Ideation & High Fideliety Mobile App Design
Design Ops

Shaping better careers for designers at mobileLIVE

Transparent career framework for small design teams
Design Ops

How we got buy-in on our design practices with a UX Playbook

Strengthening the design and business relationships
Design Maturity

The Easy Design Org. Maturity Model

5 step maturity model for design organizations

Thoughts on leadership and design

Design Ops

Becoming a better designer by using less Figma and Sketch

How designers can become true business partners

A leader’s role goes beyond assigning work and taking updates

Unlocking the leadership mandate and trying to be a true leader for your team.

Two things I learned on my quest to become a more human leader

Insights from personal learning and experiences
Design ops

Designers should not share Figma links with their business stakeholders

Design workflow best practices

Figma nested instances tutorial: The power of nested components and properties

Figma component design workflow best practices

A Manager’s Guide to Creating a Culture of Communication

Improve communication within a team and improve manager's perception.
Design Ops

DesignOps Series: Project and File organization in Figma [Part-II]

Design/Figma workflow best practices
Design ops

DesignOps Series: Improving collaboration between designers and stakeholders [Part-I]

Design/Figma workflow best practices



Isometric monuments of Pakistan

Famous Pakistan monuments and buildings in minimal isometric style

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