Haseeb Danyal

I build stellar design teams, cultures and products

Haseeb is a talented design leader with a strong drive to help design teams mature and become much more effective. I worked with Haseeb when I was Head of Digital Design & Experience at a large Canadian enterprise and he set-up our DesignOps practice, defined our team vision, mission and mandate, as well as standardized our design roles, careers paths and work processes. Overall I was very happy with the work and thought leadership Haseeb delivered and the strong impact he had on our team maturity.
Mark Lannutti
Experience Design Leader, Mentor & Design Industry Speaker
I found Haseeb to be highly innovative, intelligent and efficient in his approach to both design and strategy, and generally very ambitious in imagining what was possible for our function in design ops and also as a broader design team. He is also a super passionate and talented designer and UX thought leader and the outputs he generated really reflect that. He is a very good and confident verbal communicator and presenter, Very collaborative and a pleasure to brainstorm and ideate with! Great at identifying and taking action on initiatives that helped build up the culture and design practice of the team.
Jill Holmberg
Senior Manager - Design Ops
Haseeb and I have been working together for over three years now. We have worked in different roles together in different companies. I have had the privilege of working under Haseeb’s leadership, and it was an incredible experience. He possesses all the qualities that a great leader should have. We learned a lot from him. He was the leader who always aimed to inspire his team and bring out the best in everyone. He ensured that his team is always on the same page. He had a knack for identifying every individual’s strengths and weaknesses and leveraging them to achieve the team's goals. He led his team with empathy and kindness, which created a positive work culture, where everyone feels supported and appreciated.
Irum Tariq
Senior Product Designer
I have been working in Haseeb's team for over a year at MobileLive Inc. I've learned a lot from him during this time; he is a great mentor and a significant leader with a growth mindset who always seeks to uplift his team's spirit and brings the best out of everyone. He is very transparent, empathetic and kind toward his team and his colleagues. He is very creative in leadership and sets up multiple professional development activities for his team to improve their skills and knowledge...
Ella (Elaheh) Rabiei, MDes
Senior Product Designer | Member of DesCan (GDC)
Haseeb is one of the most talented designers and brilliant minds I've worked with in my career. During multiple assignments we have worked together, I've seen Haseeb's design inputs and creations always giving the company and the team the winning edge. Some of the exceptional skills Haseeb has are: 1) Excellent understanding of business context, user persona and needs. 2) Ability to translate high level, open ended, ambiguous requirements into designs that capture both stated and un-articulated needs of business users....
Soumendra Das Sarma
Head of Customer Solution Management
Haseeb is an excellent manager from the very first day I met him. I have been working under his supervision for more than 1 year now. He sets realistic goals and gives reasonable deadlines to complete the goals. Plus, he is a good listener and always pays attention to the details. His understanding of people’s needs is outstanding, so much so that everyone working under him feels comfortable. Haseeb is a great motivator. He instills positive energy in every team member, keeping everyone focused on what needs to be achieved.
Usman Khan
Product Designer
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