About Haseeb Danyal

Haseeb Danyal is an award-winning designer, born and raised in Lahore, Pakistan. Currently living in Islamabad Toronto, Canada.
Haseeb has been designing and coding websites since he was 6 years old and wanted to become a webmaster. After reading Dan Ariely's Predictably Irrational and Don Norman's Design of Everyday Things, he fell in love with UX design and human psychology. So, he decided to switch careers from software engineering to product design.
Since then, Haseeb has worked on web and mobile apps that are used by millions of telco resellers around the world. He also designed a virtual sizing app that was acquired by Meta. Moreover, he led the redesign of one of the largest mobile wallets in South Asia, used by over 10 million people every month.
For the last seven years, Haseeb has been enabling organizations to embrace design centricity and lead design maturity. He has been involved in hiring, coaching, and modeling designers along with developing processes within teams that create measurable business value and facilitate quality craft.
More recently, Haseeb has been working with design teams of some of the largest Canadian enterprises to create design systems, build frameworks to improve and implement best design practices, and foster collaboration between design and its stakeholders.
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I found Haseeb to be highly innovative, intelligent and efficient in his approach to both design and strategy, and generally very ambitious in imagining what was possible for our function in design ops and also as a broader design team. He is also a super passionate and talented designer and UX thought leader and the outputs he generated really reflect that. He is a very good and confident verbal communicator and presenter, Very collaborative and a pleasure to brainstorm and ideate with! Great at identifying and taking action on initiatives that helped build up the culture and design practice of the team.
Jill Holmberg
Senior Manager - Design Ops